Make a Next-Day Transfer!

With CDC Federal Credit Union's Online Funds Transfer Service, you can send funds electronically from your account at any financial institution in the United States to your CDC Federal Credit Union account as long as you are the primary or joint owner of both accounts. Any savings or checking account can be used as well as most money market and brokerage accounts.

Setting up your transfers is quick and easy!

Bank-to-Bank transfers are available through our online banking service. Once you have logged into online banking, select the "Payments" tab, click “Pay your Bills,” and choose “Transfer money between your accounts.”

Set up the account you want to transfer to or from by entering the account number and routing number. Although many routing numbers are pre-populated, we recommend you verify with your own records.

We will send a trial deposit followed by a trial withdrawal (the withdrawal amount is a few pennies and is never larger than the deposit amount) within two business days. You’ll be asked to verify these transactions.

Once you have successfully verified the transactions, you’ll be ready to transfer money to and from your CDC Federal Credit Union account in no time!

Bank-to-Bank transfers are free for incoming transfers and $2.00 per outgoing transfer. In order to use the transfer service, members must have a checking account and enroll in our Online Bill Pay service. There is a $4.50 fee for Bill Pay; however, if you sign up for e-Statements, Bill Pay is free!

See here for a step-by-step guide on setting up Bank-to-Bank transfers through Bill Pay!


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