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CDC Federal Credit Union has learned individuals (non-members) across the country have received fraudulent cashier’s checks.  To help protect yourself from becoming a victim of fraud, verify any cashier’s check you receive to prevent possible losses.

There are many important financial decisions that must be made throughout someone’s life. As part of our mission to help members with all their financial needs, we offer free, educational seminars to assist and provide you with the financial solutions that help you achieve your dreams. 

To better serve you and your online banking needs, we are upgrading our Online Banking system! You will see the new upgrades when you log in on Thursday, May 28. 

Dollars & Sense

Premium food, state-of-the-art veterinary care and creature comforts most humans would envy are now a regular part of life for many American pets. That's why prospective pet owners should consider financial planning before bringing home a dog, cat or other breed of animal.

So you’ve settled into a stable job and don’t plan on moving to a new city anytime soon. You’ve decided to put down some roots and make the move from “renter” to “homeowner.” Here are a few things to consider:

Credit scores have a lot of mystique: they can determine everything from mortgage and auto loan rates to (believe it or not) insurance rates, but most people aren’t entirely sure how they’re calculated. Most people would guess credit scores are based on how faithfully you pay your bills. That is a major component, but it’s not the whole picture.