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In honor of Dr. Tom Frieden’s legacy as director of CDC and in recognition of his profound impact on the health of Americans and the world, the CDC Foundation has launched the Tom Frieden Future Leaders Fund. This fund supports a robust public health workforce. has compiled and published a guide to help when financing a small business in the Atlanta area and includes CDC Federal Credit Union among the resources. 

Doctors who have spent the past three decades working in CDC’s birth defects center have never seen a situation so urgent as the Zika outbreak. Together, we must combat the unknowns surrounding Zika to prevent it from spreading.

Dollars & Sense

Having children is expensive—everyone knows that. It causes a re-evaluation of financial priorities on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. But it also causes an existential crisis in financial management: how is it possible to continue saving for retirement while also socking away money for the children’s college education?

Prior to the Economic Growth & Tax Relief Reconciliation Act (EGTRRA), if you wanted to keep your 457 savings growing tax deferred after you left your job, you only had two options: a) leave your plan with your former employer, or b) transfer it to another 457 plan if you went to work for another government employer.

Here are a few considerations before purchasing a rental property.