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This week marks the one year anniversary of the first Ebola cases to be identified in West Africa. During the outbreak, which evolved into an epidemic, more than 10,300 people have died and nearly 25,000 have been infected with Ebola.

The National Credit Union Administration is alerting consumers that texts they receive from an agency telephone line, 703-518-6301, asking for personal information are not coming from NCUA.

NCUA does not request personal or financial information from consumers. See NCUA’s Privacy Policy for more information.

The NCUA, the National Credit Union Administration, released a two-part video to help credit unions educate their members on how to recognize, avoid and report cyber fraud. 

Dollars & Sense

The IRS often warns consumers about tax scams this time of year. While it's important to be vigilant as you work with your tax preparer or do your own yearly tax filing, watch out for many of these scams that happen year-round. If you come across any of these, consider it a red flag.

Financially, many of us associate April with taxes – but we should also associate April with important IRA deadlines.

"Debit or credit" has become the refrain of retail transactions. After selecting your purchases, it's seemingly the biggest decision you have to make. For many people, the choice doesn't get a second thought. In this article, we'll look at three reasons why choosing your debit card for retail transactions is the smarter move.