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The National Credit Union Administration has received consumer calls about a suspicious text message claiming to come from the agency.

There are many important financial decisions that must be made throughout someone’s life. As part of our mission to help members with all their financial needs, we offer free, educational seminars to assist and provide you with the financial solutions that help you achieve your dreams. 

Doctors who have spent the past three decades working in CDC’s birth defects center have never seen a situation so urgent as the Zika outbreak. Together, we must combat the unknowns surrounding Zika to prevent it from spreading.

Dollars & Sense

Understanding how to manage your money is important to your financial success.  However, most people don't learn the basics of personal finance in school.  Those who do probably forget most of what they're taught before getting their first "real" jobs.   Here are four personal finance tips that will help you live comfortably now and in the future no matter what age you are.

Your credit score is the key to not only getting approved for credit but also how much you pay for it.  In some cases the higher your credit score, the lower your credit card or loan annual percentage rate will be.  Some factors that affect your credit score are out of your control.  Others are not, so here are four tips for improving your credit score fast.

Most people have a checklist they go through before they leave the house. Is the stove turned off? Are the doors locked? Do I have my wallet, my keys and my cellphone? The only thing that has changed about that process in the last few years has been the addition of that last item on the list.