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Can You Help? After Storms End, Health Threats Continue

Devastation from hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria along the Gulf Coast, Southeastern United States and U.S. territories have affected us all. As the storms end, the CDC Foundation’s Emergency Response Fund is supporting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and its team of experts who are working with local, state and other federal agencies on the ground to address the health threats that are emerging. However, federal support cannot always meet all demands or be available rapidly enough to meet many urgent needs. 

While there are many organizations that respond with aid during a disaster, the CDC Foundation’s fund is unique because it supports CDC experts as they address public health threats that arise in the days, weeks and months after an emergency situation.

Our neighbors urgently need our help. Your support will help CDC address serious health and safety hazards that are now coming to the forefront following the hurricanes—addressing environmental health and safe water, preventing potential infectious disease outbreaks, ensuring people have access to medicines and healthcare, providing support to meet mental health needs caused by stress and assisting with mosquito control efforts. Join with us to make an impact.

Together our impact is greater. Will you please consider making a gift and sharing information about our Emergency Response Fund to help people affected by the hurricanes? Should you have any questions or need additional information please reach out to the CDC Foundation, or 404.653.0790.

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