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Help in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

The devastation caused by widespread flooding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey is unprecedented in U.S. history. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) activated its emergency response on Sept. 1 to bring together CDC staff to support the local, state, and federal response to public health needs in the storm’s aftermath. However, federal support cannot always meet all demands or be available rapidly enough to meet many urgent needs. 

The CDC Foundation today is activating its Emergency Response Fund and mobilizing resources to help CDC tackle the widespread health challenges created by Hurricane Harvey. The fund will extend CDC’s response, providing essential supplies and vital assistance as frontline experts work with partners to address community health needs and public health infrastructure in the storm’s aftermath.

While there are many organizations that respond with aid during a disaster, the CDC Foundation’s fund is unique because it supports CDC experts as they address public health threats that arise in the days, weeks and months after an emergency situation.

Together our impact is greater. Nowhere is the power of collaboration more visible than responding to emergencies. When a health threat strikes, speed saves lives. Right now the people of the Gulf Coast need our help.

Please consider making a donation to the CDC Foundation! You can make a difference and every donation counts! For more information and to make a donation, please click here.

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