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Want a Safe & Fun Summer? Here’s What You Need to Know

Posted in Beyond Finances on August 3, 2020

You’ve probably never planned a summer in the midst of a world pandemic. So, it’s no secret that this year’s summer is going to be different. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and full of wonderful memories. But you do need to be intentional about what you plan, how you make it happen, and how you can keep your family safe while they have fun.

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Tips for Revamping Your Home Office Space

Posted in Beyond Finances on August 3, 2020

If you are a part of the 66% of Americans who were displaced from their office space in April of this year, then you’ve spent more time than you probably anticipated in your home. The past few months have revealed that providing off-site work benefits in the long-term can help them craft a happier, more productive team of workers.

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Out of Work and Out of Cash?

Posted in Spending & Managing Money on August 3, 2020

For anyone out of work, financial concerns are paramount. With an unemployment rate of around 20 percent, it isn’t hard to see why so many people are struggling. Trying to find enough cash to pay for essentials is a challenge. It’s no wonder, a substantial proportion of the population is looking for a solution to their money worries.

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An Insider’s Look to Working with Credit Rescue Companies

Posted in Borrowing Money on August 3, 2020

If you have poor credit, you certainly aren’t alone. Unfortunately, many Americans today find that theirs fails to match up to a rating of good or higher.

It’s no wonder then that so many people turn to credit rescue companies to improve their credit.

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5 Ways to Trim Your Fixed Expenses

Posted in Spending & Managing Money on July 1, 2020

When trying to trim a monthly budget, most people don’t consider their fixed expenses.

These recurring costs, which include mortgage payments, insurance premiums and subscription payments, are easy to budget and plan for since they generally remain constant throughout the year. While people tend to think there’s no way to lower fixed expenses, with a bit of effort...

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The Complete Guide to Prioritizing Bills During a Financial Crunch

Posted in Spending & Managing Money on July 1, 2020

Our vibrant, animated country has been put on pause. Many busy thoroughfares are now empty of pedestrians and previously crowded malls are eerily vacant, as millions of Americans still shelter in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Forced leave of work has left many wondering if and when they’ll receive their next paycheck. If you...

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Explore these summertime apps

Posted in Beyond Finances on July 1, 2020

Whether it's due to the pandemic or not, many of us continue to spend more and more time on our phones. Here are a few apps we found that you may want to check out for yourselves.

Project Noah

Give your kids a super-fun experience this summer without leaving your backyard. This free app will act as an interactive field guide, coaching kids on the flora and fauna that can be found...

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CDC Federal Credit Union is committed to the fight to end racial inequality

Posted in Beyond Finances on June 10, 2020

Today our country faces an unprecedented time in our history. In the midst of a global health pandemic and economic recession, a social pandemic has emerged. CDC Federal Credit Union supports the fight against racial injustice.  As many take to the streets and speak out against fear and unfair treatment, it is clear that the values upon which our credit union was built are as important now as they’ve ever been...

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Ideas for celebrating dad this Father’s Day

Posted in Beyond Finances on June 1, 2020

In May it was all about moms, and now it’s June and time to celebrate dads! While things are opening up a bit, things are far from normal. Here are some ideas to celebrate dad while keeping social distancing in mind.


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What is a Bear Market? (Q & A)

Posted in Saving, Investing & Retiring on May 29, 2020

Perhaps most of us expect the stock market to be somewhat volatile, moving up and down based on a number of economic factors. But what happens when the market takes a plunge? Here's a short Q & A to help us better understand a Bear Market.


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