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How the pandemic could create a new normal

Posted in Beyond Finances on April 3, 2020

Perhaps everyone living these days will never forget this time period when we’re all hunkered down and doing our part to “flatten the curve.” While we all miss our freedoms and the ability to come and go while seeing friends and family, the changes we’ve had to make during this crisis aren't all bad. And it’s very likely many of the new ways of doing things will stay with us for the long haul, which could be a good thing. Here are just a few things that could be different long after the pandemic is over.

  • We will think more about cleanliness and personal hygiene. It’s hard to believe it took something like the coronavirus (COVID-19) to get us all taking germs and how diseases spread seriously, but going forward, many of us will likely be highly sensitive to germs and proper cleaning. 
  • Working and going to school remotely. While some of us have been working remotely and taking classes online all along, the prospect of both seem a bit more plausible now, so long it’s working well during the shelter at home order.
  • Online shopping and home delivery. If you weren’t shopping online before, the pandemic and sheltering at home may have pushed you over the edge to start. When you get the hang of it, it’s convenient and timely. In fact, you may find that you like it so much, you want to continue long after the pandemic is over. 
  • More consumers may opt for more online and digital services. Consider online banking and mobile banking. Just like online shopping and home delivery, now that people have experienced the convenience of these services, they may continue to use them even after the pandemic ends.
  • The joy of staying at home more. Between kid’s activities, errands, entertainment, and more, we have been a society that stays on the go. Now that many of us have stayed home for a while, we may find new joy in staying at home more and wonder why we ever left.

Surely these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to changes. What changes do you anticipate you will make or keep as your “new normal” after the pandemic is over? Please leave your ideas in the comment section of this blog post.


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