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Ready for a better branch?

Posted in Beyond Finances on February 3, 2020

After just a few weeks of construction, CDC Federal Credit Union’s Clifton branch located on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention campus will soon reopen for business and the staff at the credit union is excited for its members and visitors to see the new look.

Since originally opening the Clifton branch in 1996, there have been no renovations to the space. Australia Hoover, president of the credit union, said it was time for a change and the timing to renovate now just fell into place.

“The ‘vintage’ furniture and window treatments definitely had a vibe that many of us are happy to see get refreshed,” Hoover said. “Facilities management is a part of what organizations must do in order to provide its patrons an enjoyable experience. We felt that the branch appearance no longer reflected today’s credit union. Our members deserve an overall more enjoyable experience visiting a branch. Obviously that goes beyond just how the branch looks, but aesthetics are a big part of it. ”

As with most construction projects, there can be many moving parts making coordinating and planning difficult, but it was important to keep the inconvenience to members to a minimum. Hoover said thanks to the folks at CDC, the construction companies and crew, and particularly Judy Asher, R.I.D. and interior designer/COR for Centers and Disease Control and Prevention, who was instrumental in spearheading the renovation on CDC’s side. Thanks to their planning and hard work, things progressed smoothly.

“The construction has gone very well once the plans were in place and the details were worked out.  Judy Asher and her team did a great job managing the renovation, from the design phase, to managing and coordinating contractors.” Hoover said. “It really has been an overall pleasant process.”

During the renovation, David Wofford, team lead at the Clifton branch, spent some of his time at Clifton serving members on a limited basis during the construction, so members have been able to make deposits and withdrawals through an ATM at the Clifton branch. Members have also visited other branches for more complex transactions.

Wofford, who has been with the credit union for 20 years explained that CDC’s Clifton Campus has undergone several renovation projects to update the facility, and the cafeteria, which is located across from the CDC FCU branch, was renovated a couple of years ago. The renovation of the Clifton branch is part of a bigger plan. He said members have shown their loyalty and support of the renovation by expressing their excitement to see the new and improved branch when it officially opens.

“It’s very exciting I believe for the people on the campus,” Wofford said.

Hoover added that the entire staff at the credit union is appreciative of everyone’s patience during the time the branch was undergoing the transformation.

“We have some of the most loyal members that can be found, and we don’t take that loyalty for granted,” he said. 

In addition to the changes in appearance, members and visitors can also expect some changes in service as well. In fact, during the construction Wofford and other CDC FCU staff members have been taking part in training for new and improved technology and service. Hoover said members can expect not only new paint, new carpet, and new furniture, but a new approach to serving their financial needs.

“We’ve committed to making the branch visit more convenient, and a focus on the member’s time,” Hoover said. “We know people are busy and don’t want to spend all of their limited spare time standing in long lines, or bouncing from person to person for assistance. We’ve invested in new training programs for our branch staff to equip them to serve more of the member’s needs at the initial interaction. We understand this will take time to perfect, but I’m excited to introduce this to the membership at Clifton.”

The most noticeable change members may see when visiting the Clifton branch is the traditional teller line – it’s gone. In addition to teller transactions, credit union associates at Clifton will now be able to open new accounts, take loan applications, and more right from their service station. Members will have the option of sitting or standing while their transactions are performed, and for more time consuming interactions, there are still offices where members can be served. 

Members will also find the technology in the branch has also improved with faster computing speeds, higher Internet broadband, and better printing and copying quality. And there is also be a conference room for added meeting space.

Through surveys and other avenues, members were asked about what they value and what they’re looking for the credit union to provide, and these items will be addressed in the coming months. Hoover said the reopening of the Clifton branch is just the first phase of a comprehensive overhaul of many of our key service offerings that will be coming.

With the major construction finished, now specialty crews are adding the finishing touches. Then the credit union will take the space and the IT Department will put the technology in place. Once it’s tested to make sure things are up and running properly, the branch will reopen.

While no official date for the reopening has been set, if all goes as planned, credit union officials anticipate a soft opening in mid-February and plans for a grand reopening celebration is being organized for late February. Watch for these official dates to be announced on the credit union’s website and on social media in the coming days.

Hoover said if you haven’t been to the Clifton branch in a while, please stop by.




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Tana Poncsak

Hi Patricia,

Our leadership and contact information can be found on our website at
4/21/2020 10:16:22 AM

Patricia Ramanou

I would like the name and contact information for the President or CEO of CDC FCU.

Thank you.
4/20/2020 3:56:37 PM

Tana Poncsak

Hi Jean,

CDC FCU has three branches. Here is a link to the list on our website.
2/5/2020 12:24:46 PM

Tana Poncsak

Hi David,

The Clifton branch is on the CDC Campus and can't be accessed by the public. So non CDC employees aren't able to visit the Clifton branch.
2/5/2020 12:21:23 PM

David Richard Brakebill

May non-employees of CDC visit the new branch?
2/5/2020 12:16:38 PM

Jean M Ferrara

Question: Could you provide a list of ALL the CDC FCU branch locations around the Atlanta area? And, are you keeping the Northlake Branch open? We like this location, since we live in Lawrenceville!
2/5/2020 10:56:17 AM

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