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How can you beat the summer heat? Water balloons can help, but play it safe

Posted in Beyond Finances on June 28, 2019

If you’ve ever spent a summer in the Atlanta area, you know how very hot Atlanta summers can get. But what can you do to beat the heat? If you’re not near a pool or other body of water, you’re options may be limited. But there is an option – fun and refreshing water balloons!

Water balloons have come a long way with the newer balloons easy to fill and self-sealing, which means no more tying them off by hand. And they can be purchased online and other retailers such as Target and Walmart and won't break your finances.  

Normally water balloons are just a sign of some summer fun, but they can be dangerous. Here are some safety rules to help keep the injuries away.

1.      Don’t throw too hard. In fact, it’s more fun to toss them like an egg to see how long you can make them last. The anticipation adds to the fun.

3.      Don’t aim for the face or any other sensitive areas of the body. Instead, aim for the ground just in front of your target. That way you get the maximum splash coverage.

3.      Don’t use slingshots or other devices. They make aim and control a lot more difficult and injuries more likely.

4.      Don’t have a water balloon fight on a surface that will become too slippery when wet. Also, check your surroundings for anything else that shouldn’t get splashed. Make sure to define the area of play.

5.      Make sure all phones and other electronic devices are put in a safe and dry area before playing with water balloons.

6.      Once the balloons pop, clean up any leftover balloon pieces and residue that could pose as a choking hazard for younger children and dispose of the balloons properly.

7.      Those who are allergic to latex should not use balloons.

8.      Children should be supervised at all times when playing with balloons and water balloons.

Water balloons are just one way other than a pool or body of water to keep cool and refreshed during the hot summer months. Tell us how you like to beat the summer heat. Leave your idea in the comment section of this blog post.

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