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Sometimes money is tight. But what if you had $10,000?

Posted in Borrowing Money on December 27, 2019

$10,000 is a nice sum of money giving one significant buying power. Perhaps you would take that trip you’ve always wanted to take. Or maybe there is a big home improvement project you’ve wanted to tackle. Or some medical procedures you’ve put off. Or maybe you need an emergency fund. No matter what you have a longing for or a need for, many would agree that the thought of $10,000 in your bank account is definitely appealing.

According to a GoBankingRates survey from May 2017 asking people what they would do with $10,000, 38% said they would save it while 25% said they would invest it in homeownership. 10% said they would use it to go on a vacation.

But as they say, cold hard cash doesn’t fall from the sky and doesn’t grow on trees, so without a windfall or good chunk of time to collect the money to create a hefty savings account, the thought of having $10,000 in your hands is no more wishful thinking.

What if you could get $10,000 in the way of a low interest personal loan with no collateral necessary, and better yet, have it deposited in your bank account quickly? Given that the average interest rate on credit cards is 21.25% as reported by The Balance in October 2019, securing a low interest personal loan is the better option! It’s the low interest rate that’s key. Use this handy loan calculator to estimate your payment and total borrowing amount based on the interest rate and term.

So if you really want up to $10,000, then stop wishing and apply for a CDC Federal Credit Union low interest personal loan, and go out and get that special something you need or do the thing you’ve always dreamed of doing. For a limited time CDC Federal Credit Union is offering a special rate to those who qualify. Call us or click here to visit our website for more information.


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