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CDC Federal Credit Union teams with Southern Auto Solutions bringing members an easier way to purchase a vehicle

Posted in Borrowing Money on May 4, 2020

Not that long ago, buying a new vehicle meant spending hours at a dealership. The process was often a long and arduous one starting with finding a car you like and test driving it. Then negotiating the purchase price and ending with a mountain of confusing paperwork. But today, there are other ways to buy a car. Ones that are much simpler and less stressful.

CDC Federal Credit Union has teamed up with Southern Auto Solutions, a concierge car finding service in the metro Atlanta area. Dave Dyer started Southern Auto Solutions seven years ago when he realized he could help people looking to buy a car while taking the stress out of the process. Dyer said communication and trust are key components to success.

“Problem solving is what I enjoy,” Dyer said. “My goal is to make the process easy and earn the client’s trust. That’s everything to me.” 

Dyer said it’s important to work through your finances first. The auto loan staff at CDC Federal Credit Union can help you with your finances and get you pre approved. Once you have a pre approval, Dyer said you’re ready to roll.

He stressed that when helping a client find the right car, communication is key to help him better understand the client’s expectations. Even for those not quite sure what they want, Dyer said he can help them narrow down the options. Once he knows what the client is looking for, Dyer can do the legwork for his client using his vast network and beyond to find the right vehicle. 

During the process Dyer said he can go look at the vehicle, take it for a test drive, and he can even bring it to the client for their inspection and a test drive as well. Using his years of experience in the business, Dyer, who refers to himself as hyper transparent, is there to give his client good, solid advice so they understand exactly what they’re getting in the way of a vehicle.  Once the sale is final, Dyer can deliver the vehicle to the client’s home or office.

Dyer said after all is said and done, his main concern is that the client is happy with the vehicle and remembers the process as easy.

One of our own associates, Tim Gardner, executive vice president, used Dyer’s services recently and can attest to the ease of the process.

“My wife and I went to Dave for a recent vehicle purchase,” Gardner said. “He was able to find us the right car for the right price and we’ve been very happy with the vehicle.”

Gardner said that when the opportunity came for CDC Federal Credit Union to team with Dyer and his car buying service on a professional level, he knew it was a good fit. 

“The decision was easy,” Gardner said. “If you go to a business and have a good experience, you want to share that with your friends and family. So I am happy to share my experience and thrilled to team up with Dave to make the car buying process easier and less stressful for our members.”

To learn more about Southern Auto Solutions, click here to visit the website.

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