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Back to School Survival Guide

Posted in Spending & Managing Money on June 1, 2017

While summer is now in full swing, before you know it the kids will be back in school. So as parents, how can you help your child prepare for the first day of school? Here are just a few ideas that may help make the transition from the lazy days of summer to the routine of the new school year a bit easier.

Finish any summer assignments – Many teachers give summer reading assignments. Make sure your child doesn’t procrastinate by giving them periodic reminders during the summer break. If your child has procrastinated, there’s still time. Just make sure they get started sooner rather than later. Not sure whether or not your child has a summer assignment? Check the school’s website for more information.

Make any last minute appointments – This is a good time to make any last minute appointments before the new school year. From an annual checks up to a teeth cleaning, it’s always nice to have these items checked off the list before the school year begins. It’s also nice to schedule a “back to school” trim or haircut, but keep in mind it’s not the time for a drastic change. Many children are already somewhat apprehensive about the first day of school, and a drastic change in appearance may add additional stress.

Buy school supplies – There’s nothing like a trip to the store for school supplies to get a child motivated for his or her first day of a new school year. Many stores carry school supplies and most of them will have the supply lists from area schools available so parents know what to purchase. And don’t forget a sturdy book bag! According to the National Retail Federation, consumers spent about $673 on back to school last year. It was recently reported that Georgia will not have a "tax free" weekend this year for back to school items. 

Purchase school clothes – You may want to resist the temptation to buy your child a new fall wardrobe, there’s still several weeks of warm weather ahead. Before shopping, take time to go through your child’s wardrobe to see what they have on hand that’s still in good condition and appropriate for school, then fill in the gaps where he or she may need a few more warm weather essentials until there’s a nip of cooler weather in the air.

Talk to your child about the transition – Perhaps it’s time to start talking to your child about the upcoming school year so your child has an idea of what to expect. Discuss some of the changes like a new bed time, school hours, how the family will handle homework and extracurricular activities, and more.

With just a little preparation, your child will be ready for the new school year!


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