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5 Things You Need to Prioritize Financially When Leaving Home

Posted in Borrowing Money on May 18, 2020

Venturing out on your own as a young adult can feel equal parts freeing and intimidating. Hopefully, you know the basics of running a household and generally taking care of yourself. But what about finances? Here are five things you need to prioritize when it comes to money.

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Do I really need a budget?

Posted in Spending & Managing Money on February 14, 2020

The quick answer is yes! A budget is like most things. If you don’t consciously make one then one will automatically establish itself for you based on your income and expenses. Here are a few things you should do as you’re planning your budget.

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It’s time to get ready for back to school How to fit the cost of ‘back to school’ in your budget

Posted in Spending & Managing Money on July 1, 2019

It seems the summer just got started and it’s time to talk about going back to school. Over the next few weeks, parents and their students will be getting ready for the first day of the school year. As a parent, have you ever thought about what it really costs to get your kids back to school?

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Thinking about buying a house or condo? Here are a few differences you may want to consider

Posted in Borrowing Money on May 23, 2019

If you’re looking to buy a home, you may be considering both single family homes in a subdivision and condominiums. But there are differences you should know when considering buying a single family detached home or a condo. Here are just a few differences to consider.

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6 Ways to Take Control of Your Student Loans

Posted in Borrowing Money on May 3, 2019

You made the effort to learn so you could pursue your professional goals. Now, take a few minutes to learn about some of the most effective options that exist for you to better manage your student loan debt.

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Take some of the guesswork out of buying a home. Here’s what you can expect during the home buying process

Posted in Borrowing Money on March 1, 2019

So you’re done with renting and planning to purchase a home. But how can you prepare for making one of the biggest, if not the biggest purchase of your life. Frankly, it can be exciting, emotional, and stressful, all at the same time. And between closing and moving, it’s a lot to deal with in a fairly short amount of time. It will help if you stay organized, proactive, and approach most everything based on facts. Here’s a list of things you can expect during the process.

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Love your finances (again)

Posted in Spending & Managing Money on February 4, 2019

Perhaps years ago everything was going smoothly. Your bank account was full and so was your life. During that time, money was your friend. But something happened along the way and your finances have become more of a chore and a hindrance, and  money and the notion of finances got a bad rap.

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Creating a budget for the new year

Posted in Spending & Managing Money on December 31, 2018

As we head into the new year, it’s a good time for reflecting on last year – Was it overall a good year? Did you meet most of your goals? How were your finances? What did you get right and how could you improve? If you financially had a great year, then good for you! But if it wasn’t that great or you think it could’ve been better, then perhaps you need to create or revisit your budget.

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Accessing your accounts when traveling abroad

Posted in Protect Yourself on December 31, 2018

Many things have changed over the years, such as getting ready to travel. Years ago before you went out of town you would go to your financial institution to make sure you had enough cash and checks with you to get you through the trip. And remember Traveler’s Checks? Although they are still used today, many folks continue to use their preferred method of payment while they travel – a debit or credit card.

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Back to School Survival Guide

Posted in Spending & Managing Money on June 1, 2017

While summer is now in full swing, before you know it the kids will be back in school. So as parents, how can you help your child prepare for the first day of school? Here are just a few ideas that may help make the transition from the lazy days of summer to the routine of the new school year a bit easier.

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