What is Mobile Deposit?
With CDC FCU’s Mobile Deposit, you can electronically deposit checks with a camera enabled device by using our Mobile Banking app. Simply snap photos of the front and back of your endorsed check to make deposits into your CDC FCU account.

Are there eligibility requirements to use this service?
In order to use Mobile Deposit you must:

  • Be a member with CDC FCU
  • Be a current user of Online Banking
  • Have at least a CDC FCU Checking and Savings in good standing

Members are automatically placed into the Mobile Deposit program provided they meet the above standards. New members will be limited to three deposits a day with a maximum of $250 per day.  After 90 days, new members will be limited to five deposits a day with a maximum of $2,500 per day. Should a member who has not yet qualified for the program request to be added, approval will be needed. CDC Federal Credit Union reserves the right to deny or remove access for any member at our discretion whenever we see fit.

How much does it cost to use Mobile Deposit?
CDC FCU does not charge any fees for using Mobile Deposit. However, your mobile service provider may charge you for data plan usage, so check your plan before you start using the service.

How do I access Mobile Deposit?
First, make sure you’re enrolled in Online Banking.

  • Visit the App Store™ or Google Play™ and download the CDC FCU Mobile Banking App
  • Open up the app and activate your Mobile Banking access
  • Sign on to your CDC FCU Mobile app then follow these simple steps:
  1. Select make a deposit.
  2. Choose the account where you want to deposit your check.
  3. Enter the check amount.
  4. Prior to capturing the image of your check, you must endorse the back of the check. Your endorsement should include a legible signature.
  5. Take a picture of the front and back of your endorsed check with your mobile device. For photos that work best, follow these guidelines:
  • Place your check on a dark-colored, plain surface that’s well lit
  • Position your camera directly over the check (not at an angle)
  • Fit all 4 corners in the guides of your mobile device’s camera screen

     6. Submit your deposit.

You’ll receive a confirmation message through the Mobile Deposit Service for each completed deposit.

How many checks can I deposit at one time using Mobile Deposit?
For existing members, there is a limit of five checks per day with a maximum of $2,500. New members will be limited to three deposits a day with a maximum of $250 per day.  After 90 days, new members will be limited to five deposits a day with a maximum of $2,500 per day.

Only one check at a time is accepted, however you may deposit multiple checks during a single session.

Are deposits made using Mobile Deposit secure?
Yes. The link between your mobile device and our Mobile Deposit site are encrypted to industry standards. Your scanned check is secure and protected through this link.

When will my deposit be credited to my account?
If the deposit is accepted, $200 from your total deposits is available the next business day and the remaining funds are available on the second business day after day of deposit.

Please note that we will temporarily credit your designated account for the total amount of your check. The provisional credit is subject to final payment of the check. Deposit amounts may be adjusted up to 2 business days after a deposit is made. Processing occurs once daily, after 4 PM on BUSINESS DAYS. Deposits made on Saturdays or Sundays will be verified on the next business day. Should a Monday be a holiday, it may be Tuesday before the deposit is verified. CDC FCU may delay the availability of funds deposited for a longer period of time in accordance with the extended holds provision.

If a deposit is held (or a hold is applied), funds are posted to your account but are not immediately available to cover debits or withdrawals. Common reasons include:

  • Large deposit amount
  • Frequent overdrafts
  • Deposited check returned unpaid
  • Indications a deposited check may not be paid

How will I know when my check has been deposited?
The quickest way to verify your deposit is to go into Online Banking or Mobile Banking and see the deposit credited to your account. You will receive a deposit receipt through the Mobile Deposit Service indicating that the check has been completed.

What is the maximum amount that I can deposit using Mobile Deposit?
For existing members, deposit amount is limited to $2,500 per day with the Mobile Deposit Service. New members will be limited to $250 per day.  After 90 days, new members will be limited to $2,500 per day.

What should I do if I have a check for an amount that exceeds the limit?
You may make deposits to your account up to your limit each business day. If you attempt to initiate a deposit in excess to these limits, we may reject your deposit. Please deposit checks written for an amount over your limit by mail or visit a CDC FCU branch. 

What types of checks can I submit using Mobile Deposit?
Only single-party domestic checks made payable to the owner of the account may be scanned for deposit with Mobile Deposit. The following items cannot be submitted for deposit with Mobile Deposit:

  • Items stamped with “non-negotiable”
  • Post-dated or stale-dated checks
  • Incomplete checks – checks missing any required information
  • Third party checks – checks payable to any person other than you, endorsed and signed over to you
  • Foreign checks – checks payable to you and drawn on a financial institution in another country
  • Altered checks – checks that contain evidence of alteration to information on the face
  • CDC FCU checks drawn on your account
  • Checks previously submitted for deposit

If I deposit my check into the wrong account, can I change it?
You can perform a funds transfer between your CDC FCU deposit accounts and the funds will be available immediately.

What should I do with my check after I have submitted it with Mobile Deposit?
After your check is scanned, please store your check in a safe place for 30 days or until the deposit appears on your monthly statement and then securely destroy it. Afterwards, please destroy the check or clearly mark it as "VOID" if you keep it for your records. Be sure the check is not rescanned or deposited elsewhere.

What types of accounts accept Mobile Deposit?
You may deposit funds to any of your CDC FCU checking, savings or Money Market accounts.

What do I do if my check is rejected in Mobile Deposit?
Please double check the following:

  • Your check photos are clear and legible; be sure that there are no shadows on the check, the check is not excessively wrinkled, the image is not blurry from “camera shake” and the writing is contained within the relevant spaces on the check
  • You have positioned the check against a dark or contrasting background
  • The MICR line (the bottom part of the check that includes your account number and the bank routing number) is visible
  • The check number, payee, endorsement, numeric amount, written amount and MICR line are all readable
  • You have a strong signal; using a secure WiFi connection may improve your transmission success

If your check is rejected through Mobile Deposit, you must physically deposit the original check at a CDC FCU branch, deposit capable ATM or send the check to CDC FCU via mail.

How do I properly endorse a check for Mobile Deposit?
The back of each check must include:

  • The words “For Mobile Deposit Only”
  • The payee’s signature

PLEASE NOTE: If the back of the check is not properly endorsed, we reserve the right to reject the check for deposit

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