Do you have a long term financial wellness plan? A savings account is the best way to begin your journey on the path of good financial health. Your savings account can provide a financial cushion for life’s unexpected emergencies. You can also save for goals like buying a house or taking a vacation. CDC Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit which means we can offer attractive rates on your deposit helping your savings grow even more and you’ll have access to your savings account through our network of over 100,000 ATMS nationwide.

Primary Share Savings Account

A prime Share Savings account represents your “share” of the credit union and is required for membership.
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Custom Share Account

An account you can customize to suit your savings such as “car account” or “college fund”.
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Money Market Account

A Money Market account is ideal for members who have larger balances and need limited access to their money. Money Market accounts earn higher dividends which will generate more savings.
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Certificate Account

A certificate account is ideal for members who are serious about saving. You earn more by allowing the funds to remain for a specific amount of time.
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Christmas Club Account

This account allows you to set aside spending money for the holidays.
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Kids Club Account

An account for kids that helps develop good financial health early in life.
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Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

IRAs provide a tax-advantaged investment for retirement. We offer two types of IRAs: Traditional and Roth. We also offer IRA Certificates for higher savings. An IRA account is ideal for safely growing your savings for the long term.
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