Vehicles Apply
Product Term Annual Percentage Rate
New Auto 0-36 Months 1.49%*
37-60 Months 1.75%*
61-84 Months 2.00%*
Used Auto 0-36 Months 2.49%*
37-60 Months 2.75%*
61-84 Months 3.00%*
New Recreational Vehicle
(Boats, RVs, Campers, ATVs, etc)
0-60 Months 6.00%*
61-120 Months 8.00%*
121-180 Months 9.00%*
Used Recreational Vehicle
(Boats, RVs, Campers, ATVs, etc)
0-60 Months 7.00%*
61-120 Months 9.00%*
121-180 Months 10.00%*
New Motorcycle 0-60 Months 6.00%*
61-84 Months 8.00%*
Used Motorcycle 0-60 Months 7.00%*
61-84 Months 9.00%*

Personal Loan Apply
Product Term Annual Percentage Rate
0-12 Months 8.50%*
13-24 Months 8.75%*
25-48 Months 9.25%*

Mortgage Rates Apply
Program Name Rate Points Annual Percentage Rate
30 year fixed rate conventional (Conforming) 4.375%** 0.00% 4.547%
20 year fixed rate conventional (Conforming) 4.125%** 0.00% 4.344%
15 year fixed rate conventional (Conforming) 3.500%** 0.00%
10 year fixed rate conventional (Conforming) 3.125%** 0.00% 3.521%
30 year Jumbo loan ($417,000 and over) 4.750%** 0.00% 4.848%
15 year Jumbo loan ($417,000 and over) 4.000%** 0.00% 4.159%

Rates are indications for 60 day lock-ins on single family, owner-occupied properties with loan to value ratio of 80% or less, for the applications filed using our Online Loan Application. Please call for investment properties, duplexes, second homes or unusual circumstances prior to locking your rate. Please note that rates, applicable discount points and closing costs may change without notice. Call your Loan Officer if you have questions. Loans must be in our system in order to lock. Rates are subject to change at anytime. Qualification is based on an assessment of individual creditworthiness and our underwriting standards. Rates above are based on a borrower with a credit score of 720 or higher.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages Apply
Payment Period Interest Rate Annual Percentage Rate
5/1 ARM Conventional and Jumbo (Conforming) 3.625% 3.789%
7/1 ARM Conventional and Jumbo (Conforming) 3.875% 4.042%
10/1 ARM Conventional and Jumbo (Conforming) 4.500% 4.159%

Advertised Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Interest rate and payment may increase after the initial 5 or 7 year period ends. If approved, your terms may vary based upon your specific situation. The products above do not include Rate Renew options and pricing. Rate Renew availability, interest rates, eligibility, and cost can change at any time.

Equity Loan (Fixed Rate Second Mortgage) Apply
Product Term Annual Percentage Rate
Owner occupied up to 80% CLTV 5 Year 4.00%
6-10 Year 5.00%
11-15 Year 6.00%
Owner occupied 81%-89% CLTV 5 Year 6.00%
6-10 Year 7.00%
11-15 Year 8.00%

Equity Line of Credit Apply
Product Term Annual Percentage Rate
Owner occupied up to 89% CLTV 10 Year 5.00%

*Applicants must qualify under normal underwriting guidelines. Rates may vary depending on loan and credit history. An active CDC FCU checking account with automatic debit is also a requirement in order to be considered for our lowest rates. Rates and terms are subject to change.
CLTV means Combined Loan-To-Value Ratio
ELOCs are not subject to add-ons or discounts
Equity Lines of Credit - Wall Street Journal prime interest rate plus 1.75%
Up to 89% Combined Loan to Value

**Rates as of 04/18/2014.  Loan rates are subject to change at any time without notice.

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