We are consolidating our online banking system to make transfers and bill pay a better user-experience for you. Bank-to-Bank transfers are now exclusively in Bill Pay, allowing you to access Bill Pay and Transfers all in one convenient location. Below is a step-by-step guide on setting up Bank-to-Bank transfers through Bill Pay, as well as information on enrolling in Bill Pay if you are not a current user. Please use this as a resource and feel free to contact our Member Service Department at 800-245-9655, option 3, should you have any questions.

1) Bank to Bank transfers will move from the Transfer Funds tab to the Payments tab. Click the Payments tab.

2) Under the Bill Payments menu, select Pay your Bills.

3) Enroll with Bill Pay.


4) After enrollment, you will recieve verification. 


NOTE: If a member is an existing Bill Pay user, enrollment is not needed. To use the new Bank to Bank transfer feature, simply click Transfer Money in the menu:


5) Bill Pay will prompt you to set up a bill, but this can skipped by clicking More Bill Categories.



6) To use Bank to Bank transfers, click the 3rd option - Transfer money between your accounts.


7) Click Add an Account to set up the external account. 


8) Complete the external account information, and follow the 1-2-3 steps to verify the external account. Click Add Account to complete the set up process.

If you have any questions with setting up Bank-to-Bank transfers, please contact us at 800-245-9655. 

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