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Overdraft Protection

Accidents happen; things break, keys get lost and sometimes we bounce checks. CDC Federal Credit Union offers you two different ways to avoid an embarrassing and often costly miscalculation.

Use your savings account

Simply connect your savings account to your checking account for overdraft protection. In the event you write a check or use your debit card for more than your available balance, we will transfer funds from your savings account into your checking account.

Courtesy Pay

If eligible, your account may qualify for the Courtesy Pay program. If enrolled in the program, we will pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction. If we do not authorize and pay an overdraft, your transaction will be declined. If we do authorize and pay an overdraft, you will be charged a fee.

Transactions covered for Courtesy Pay count toward the $1000 maximum coverage limit.  A fee of $35 will be assessed for each transaction. Overdrafts are paid at our discretion under the Courtesy Pay service. This means we do not guarantee we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction when there is not enough money available in your checking or designated overdraft protection account to cover the item.  For example, we may not pay overdrafts when you are in default on a loan with CDC Federal Credit Union or your account is otherwise not in good standing.  Repayment of the overdraft amount is required within 30 days to maintain eligibility for this service. If you have additional overdraft items during this time, the account still must be brought to a positive balance on or before the 30th day from the date of the initial overdraft item.

To set-up overdraft protection, please call 404-325-3270, or 800-245-9655 (outside Atlanta).

Courtesy Pay Disclosure