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Whether you’re standing at an ATM trying to get cash out only to be greeted by an out of service message or you find yourself out of a job and with no income, disruptions can happen at any time. The question is what can you do to minimize the impact of the disruption in finances?

CDC Federal Credit Union Annual Member Account Verification (February - March 2019)
The Supervisory Committee has engaged Crowe, LLP Certified Public Accountants, to complete the annual audit of CDC Federal Credit Union. In conjunction with the audit, the auditors will select a sample of members share and loan accounts to verify the account balances directly with account owner by letter. If your account has been selected as part of the auditing process, you will receive a letter within the next few weeks from Crowe, LLP requesting information on a designated account. We appreciate your participation in this process.


Life happens and oftentimes circumstances arise that are beyond our control. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in control of your finances. In light of the government shutdown, CDC Federal Credit Union is here to help you maintain control of your good financial health! Here are some solutions we offer to members in the event of financial hardship.