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Loan rates.Shop around and save with us.

Get the financing you need to make your life better without paying a high price.

New Auto

New Auto Rates
0-24 Months4.50%*
25-48 Months4.50%*
49-60 Months4.50%*
61-72 Months5.40%*
73-84 Months6.40%*

Used Auto

Used Auto Rates
0-24 Months4.70%*
25-48 Months4.70%*
49-60 Months4.70%*
61-72 Months5.60%*
73-84 Months6.60%*

New Recreational Vehicle

New Recreational Vehicle Rates
0-24 Months5.55%*
25-48 Months5.80%*
49-60 Months6.30%*
61-72 Months7.55%*
73-84 Months8.55%*
85-120 Months9.55%*
121-144 Months10.55%*
145-180 Months11.55%*

Used Recreational Vehicle

Used Recreational Vehicle Rates
0-24 Months6.55%*
25-48 Months6.80%*
49-60 Months7.30%*
61-72 Months8.55%*
73-84 Months9.55%*
85-120 Months10.55%*
121-144 Months11.55%*
145-180 Months12.55%*

New Motorcycle

New Motorcycle Rates
0-24 Months5.80%*
25-48 Months6.30%*
49-60 Months6.80%*
61-72 Months7.30%*

Used Motorcycle

Used Motorcycle Rates
0-24 Months6.80%*
25-48 Months7.30%*
49-60 Months7.80%*
61-72 Months8.30%*

Personal Loan

Personal Loan Rates
0-12 Months8.00%*
13-24 Months8.00%*
25-36 Months9.00%*
37-48 Months9.00%*
49-60 Months11.50%*

APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

*Rates are based on an evaluation of credit history, so your rate may differ.

Applicants must qualify under normal underwriting guidelines. Rates shown are lowest rates available and may vary depending on loan type, term, applicant credit history, and credit union relationship. A relationship discount is offered to all qualified borrowers who maintain an active CDC FCU checking account, debit card, direct deposit, and automatic debit. Rates and terms are subject to change.

Taxes and insurance not included. Refinancing is not available for existing CDC FCU vehicle loans.