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Financial workshops.Empowering you to make informed decisions.

Join us for a free workshop on important financial topics.

Financial Empowerment Workshops

We're empowering you on the road to success with onsite and virtual financial wellness workshops. Gain a well-rounded understanding of the important topics below to make the most of your money and achieve your financial goals.

Planning for Financial Emergencies

April 5, 6:30PM

Participants will learn how to understand what a financial emergency is, how to prepare for it, and the importance of having an emergency savings plan. Participants will also learn about tools and resources to develop and implement an emergency savings strategy. Lastly participants will develop skills to protect themselves during times of financial emergency or uncertainty.

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Credit Scores and Reports

April 25, 6:30PM

Participants will learn what a credit score is, its importance, and how to read a credit report. They'll also learn the tools to maintain a healthy credit score and repair bad credit.

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Learn more about our partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness to gain access to personal financial counseling or for debt management solutions.

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