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ATM/Debit Cards

CDC Federal Credit Union owns and maintains ATMs located on CDC properties in addition to participating in numerous ATM networks such as CO-OP, Publix-Presto, Kroger (in-store), Cirrus, and Plus.

  • CDC Federal Credit Union – 2301 Parklake Drive
  • CDC Chamblee Campus – Building 106 (restricted access)
  • CDC Federal Credit Union – 2947 Flowers Road, Koger Office Park
  • CDC Clifton Campus – Building 16 (restricted access)
  • CDC Clifton Campus – Between Building 19 & 21next to cafeteria (restricted access)
  • Corporate Square Office Park – 54 Corporate Square Blvd. (Walk up next to CafĂ©)

*Members are able to use any ATM and CDC FCU will not charge a fee. However, the owner of the ATM may charge one.  Members making more than five withdrawals per month may incur a $1 fee per transaction. CDC Federal Credit Union members can also use their debit card at many point-of-sale locations such as Publix, Kohl's, Home Depot, Walgreen's, US Post Office and many other retail locations throughout the nation.

To find ATMs near you, use the CO-OP ATM locator or Allpoint locator below.

CO-OP ATM Locator

Allpoint Locator

If your card is lost or stolen, please call 800-472-3272 immediately